SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (2023)

Looking for love in all wrong places in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Don't fret, here's a list of all the best romance options for each class!

Love Across the Stars is arguably one of the best musical scores in the Star Wars universe.

A booming, soaring crescendo beautifully paints the picture of love that spans lightyears, intergalactic wars, and even fate itself.

Love is an integral part of the space opera motif, so it is only natural that in large scale Star Wars MMORPG like Star Wars: The Old Republic that romance and love are integral story options for all player characters.

Not all companions have romance options and of the ones that do, there are some clear winners. In no particular order, here are the best romances for each class.

8. Smuggler

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (1)

A Smuggler and a Princess: A perfect romance option for those looking to recreate some Star Wars magic.

Republic privateer, smuggler, and overall a loveable, scruffy-looking scoundrel, the smuggler is one of the most lighthearted of the class stories. With a range of fairly likable misfits joining your crew, you will have a few options for your romance. From fellow smugglers to mercenaries, your crew will join you from galaxy-spanning treasure hunting to the heights of sanctioned piracy for the Republic.

Best Romance Option: Risha Drayen

  • A perfect remix of the princess/smuggler romance trope
  • Sly, intelligent, and clever
  • Playful and well-written dialogue makes all of her interactions enjoyable and real
  • Well-developed character arc as the romance develops
  • Wonderful “will they won’t they” aspect to the romance

2nd best Romance Option: Akaavi Spar

  • Sweet moments as a hardened mercenary softens at the touch of a smooth-talking smuggler
  • Strong, warrior woman for those who love the type
  • A story of allowing others into your boundaries when you’ve tried so hard to steel yourself against everything else in the galaxy

7. Imperial Agent

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (2)

A Secret Someone: In a world of espionage and secrets, finding someone you can trust is a tall task.

Spy, assassin, agent. The Imperial Agent, or Cipher Nine, is by far one of the most interesting characters in SWTOR. Your character will infiltrate terrorist cells, uncover plots to take over the galaxy, discover shadowy governments lurking behind the scenes, struggle with your own identity as a weapon of the Empire, and in the end become master of the greatest secrets in both the Empire and the Republic. Along the way, you’ll be joined by a number of equally mysterious and shadowy figures as your companions. Of these characters, perhaps a few will win over the player in a world of secrets and betrayals.

Best Romance Option: Vector Hyllus

  • Vector the Killik bug man! What’s not to love? He’s definitely quirky
  • A very sweet romance, again a nice shift of tone from the rest of the IA story
  • Excellent writing and dialogue, so definitely props to the voice actor
  • One of the most fascinating character arcs that occur in the game, romance or not
  • Themes of agency, concession, give and take, privacy, and perhaps some of the most realistic romance in-game

2nd best Romance Option: Raina Temple

  • A fellow agent and loyal to the Empire, which can fit perfectly for a range of players
  • Charming, shy, and a welcome shift in tone from a lot of the Agent story
  • Quite a twist and revelation that will add a bit of complexity (understatement of the century)
  • An interesting perspective of an Imperial everyman, as she is not necessarily evil but is unquestionably loyal to the Empire

6. Republic Trooper

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (3)

Can Love Bloom on the Battlefield?: Find out the answer to the question so often asked in another one of my favorite series.

Loyalty, duty, and honor define the Republic Trooper. Faced with betrayals, superweapons, and military campaigns to free worlds from Imperial control, the Trooper storyline is one that unfolds on the battlefields. Along the way, the Trooper builds a new squad that can bring the old one to justice and fight for the people of the Republic, defeating the Empire by any means necessary. While one might not think that “love can bloom on the battlefield”, there are several options for romances to take shape in the midst of war.

Best Romance Option: Elara Dorne

  • Elara has a distinct personality that grows as the relationship develops
  • Mature and realistic relationship reflect the tone of the Trooper’s story
  • Quirky and fun dialogue as the relationship advances as she tries to adjust to a more casual relationship with a fellow Trooper
  • Some interesting dynamics between the squad as the relationship develops, particularly with Aric regarding a promotion

2nd best Romance Option: Aric Jorgan

  • Though he may come off as irritable, Aric grows on the player
  • Some fun dialogue as he flusters easily in romantic situations
  • Not a man to necessarily follow the book, he’s all about respecting boundaries and consent
  • A journey of breaking through an icy Cathar exterior a little at a time

5. Bounty Hunter

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (4)

Us vs the Galaxy: Take your loyal and loving companion by your side and stand against a galaxy.

As the Bounty Hunter, you hunt your query throughout the galaxy for glory, honor, and plenty of credits. From facing down competitors on the Great Hunt to capturing high level targets for the Empire to attempting to take down the head of the Republic itself, the Bounty Hunter is always on the move and in need of a reliable team. Enter your companions, who range from loyal slicers, fellow Mandalorians, and even pure scum that you wish you could jettison out of the airlock.

Best Romance Option: Mako

  • Funny, charming, and just innocent enough to ground the Bounty Hunter
  • As the original companion, she feels like the most natural relationship on your team
  • Coming from a poor and mysterious background, she’s easy to please with genuine interest and care for her
  • Some wonderful flirtatious dialogue between the two makes her feel like a natural young love, partner in crime

2nd best Romance Option: Torian Cadera

  • Perfect as a partner for those seeking to model their Bounty Hunters as Mandalorians
  • Loyal and courageous, he is one of the best crewmates you have personality-wise
  • As a tough and proud warrior, breaking throughto his emotional side is fun and satisfying in a very playful manner
  • As a partner, he stands by the player’s side no matter the odds, perfect for a warrior romance

4. Jedi Consular

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (5)

Love Heals All Things: While relationships are forbidden to Jedi, one could say they are encouraged to love through their compassion.

As a Jedi Consular, the player will venture across the stars to heal the wounds of war, both visible and invisible. From healing ancient galactic plagues to foiling an Imperial plot to destroy the Jedi Order from the inside, the Consular is a classic Jedi hero worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order itself. Along the way, the Consular will need a team of fellow heroes to save the galaxy.

Best Romance Option: Nadia Grell

  • Nadia’s character is very sweet and simple in the best ways possible, only seeing the good in parties and always willing to talk
  • As your Padawan, creates a natural bond and relationship that can be built upon if desired
  • Emotional growth as a character as she adventures with you
  • Some particularly harrowing moments of soul-bearing that are wonderfully written and allow the player to really emotionally support her
  • One of my personal favorites because of the emotional realness of the dialogue and character interactions

2nd best Romance Option: Felix Iresso

  • Mature and self-reliant compared to a lot of the other male companions
  • Very “real” feeling dialogue, where it is not loaded with emotional baggage
  • Fairly straightforward as a romantic partner with no dark secrets or hidden pasts that need to be overcome

3. Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (6)

Peace is a Lie, There is Only Passion: Passion is key to a Sith, so find your favorite companion for a little bit of hands on learning.

Unlimited power and knowledge are the primary goals of the Sith Inquisitor. As the Inquisitor, you will do whatever is necessary to delve into the darkest secrets of the Dark Side, from acquiring Sith ghosts to personal wars against Dark Council members. Along the way, you’ll pick up a rather peculiar crew of partners to join you on your quest. While romance doesn’t seem to be a Sith’s strong suit, there is certainly room for passion.

Best Romance Option: Andronikos Revel

  • Starts strong and can eventually develop into something more serious
  • A man’s man, he can come off as abrasive but will calm down after the player gets to know him as he opens up
  • His dialogue is written to be flirtatious and bombastic, but it doesn’t come off as creepy

2nd best Romance Option: Ashara Zavros

  • An option for both light and dark-minded players, the Jedi apprentice can be broken either way
  • Flexibility to either bring her to the Dark Side and act as your lover or allow her to soften your views and love you from the Light Side
  • Rather rigid in her views on marriage as she still refuses even if she leaves the Jedi

2. Jedi Knight

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (7)

Forbidden Love: While technically not allowed to love according the Jedi, when facing off against the evils of the galaxy you naturally look for someone to be there with you by your side.

The Jedi Knight fights for the fate of the galaxy itself. From one plot to the next, the player will slowly make their way through the galaxy facing down the Dark Side in every form until they face off with the Sith Emperor himself. A classic Star Wars story means classic companions are there to join you along the way.

Best Romance Option: Kira Carson

  • Most fleshed out romantic storyline in the game
  • Wonderfully paced from partnership to friendship to romance
  • Kira’s dialogue and voice acting make her extremely lovable
  • The highs and lows of the storyline are directly intertwined with the romance subplot so both stories benefit greatly from the dramatic tension and pay off in appropriately epic fashion

2nd best Romance Option: Doc

  • Can start off very strong as a sort of womanizer but his character arc rounds him out as a decent human being
  • Funny and witty dialogue bring a lot of levity to the rigid formality of the Jedi
  • Far more flexibility in moral choices to allow for more neutral playthroughs

1. Sith Warrior

SWTOR Best Romance for Each Class (8)

Tainted Love: As the Sith Warrior, your romances will come from vastly different places on the spectrum, from slave to apprentice.

The Emperor’s Wrath in the flesh, the Sith Warrior is all about conquest and power. Dominating the enemies of the Empire, including the ones within their own borders, the Warrior carves a path of destruction and death with the Force and lightsaber in hand. To accompany the Warrior on these rampages are a number of loyal companions that offer some variety in personal views and personalities.

Best Romance Option: Vette

  • Aimed at the more redemption minded players, her romance is a story of mercy and restraint
  • Well-paced to reflect the change in relationship from slave to romantic partner without feeling jarring
  • Operatic and tragic in scope and nature and tone
  • Vette’s dialogue is lighthearted, kind, funny, and a welcome foil to the typical dialogue associated with a Sith Warrior

2nd best Romance Option: Jaesa Willsaam

  • Flexible romance options with the Dark Side option being the most well known
  • Dark side dialogue is almost hilariously edgy, perfect for the most destructive of Sith
  • The absolutely hilarious dynamic between her and her master/lover as they crush the enemies of the Sith and bathe in the bloodbath

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