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This toothpaste taste good enough but what I have a problem with is it makes my mouth very dry at night to the point I can hardly swallow and it makes the lip portion of my mouth feel like it is dry and feels like it sticks to my teeth. I hate to throw it away because it was so expensive.


Decatur, Al


I received a free sample in the mail from Smiley 360 and was asked to review it and so I decided to also review on viewpoints. I chose a 3 because although it is toothpaste and it gets the job done, I can't wait to be done with the tube and throw it out. I can't waste so I will finish the tube. It is very gritty best comparison is to the soaps that mechanics use that has the gritty texture to remove all the grease and oil from their hands. Yes I put that in my mouth. It also has a lousy taste and aftertaste that stays with you for hours after you finish. I also am not sure if the toothpaste is too abrasive for my mouth as I have had a couple irritations in my mouth like when you eat pizza that is too hot. I find the tube is kind of weird about being able to easily get the product out of it once you are 1/2 way down the tube. I personally will never purchase this product and will continue to use my regular toothpaste.


Manchester, NH


I started using the Crest Pro-Health toothpaste awhile back and have been using it ever since. I liked the list of things that it does for your teeth (plaque, gingivitis, whitening, etc...). It seems to do more than other toothpastes out there. I was looking for a toothpaste that my whole family could use. This one worked for all of us. I feel like I'm getting an all over clean when I use this toothpaste. It has a pretty good taste to it and leaves your mouth feeling minty. I also like that it has a wider lid on it so that it can stand up on your bathroom counter and take up less space. This toothpaste is also usually a pretty decent price. I'm pretty picky about which toothpaste I use and I would have to say that this has been my favorite toothpaste so far. I will continue to buy this and use it for years to come. I would recommend giving it a go. It goes on smooth, scrubs well, feels like you are getting a great clean and leaves your breath minty.




I had went to the dentist last year and they informed me that my teeth and gums show the first signs of gum disease. Since then I have been committed in trying to get the healthiest teeth I can. Imagine my surprise in learning about crest Pro health toothpaste. This toothpaste not only protects the teeth from getting cavities by fighting plaque and tartar, but it also helps fight against gingivitis. This toothpaste was exactly what I needed. Crest Pro health also whitens and freshens your breath. I love the minty flavor of this toothpaste. This toothpaste also haves another ingredient I needed. It protects your teeth from sensitivity to cold, hot and sweet food and drinks. I have been having problems with eating and drinking cold items lately. By using this toothpaste, it helps with my teeth sensitivity to cold items. I highly recommend buying and using Crest Pro health toothpaste. Anything that can help protect my teeth from unwanted diseases is a great product in my book.




When I left the dentists office a few months ago they gave me a trial size of Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste along with a new toothbrush. That evening I tried the toothpaste product for the first time and I have to say was really taken back at the nasty taste of the toothpaste. It reminded me of a very clinical product that tasted of medicinal bandages! I missed the minty, clean flavor of my usual toothpaste. Sure my mouth felt clean after brushing, but I couldn't get rid of the nasty bandage flavor! It made my hot tea taste nasty! The product is labeled anticavity, antigingivitis, antisensitivity toothpaste, but I'm afraid if I can't use it, it isn't anti anything! I gave a little to my 9 year old son, he seems game for an adventure usually but today he looked at me in horror as if to say, "what have you done mom?". On the plus side, it was a free sample from the Dentist which is good, I should be annoyed if I had paid for this.




This is the toothpaste I used to use before I starting using a sensitive teeth toothpaste and I was not unhappy with the toothpaste. It worked like it was supposed to, keep my breath fresh and clean smelling for the whole day after I brushed my teeth. It cleaned my teeth very well and I never felt as though there was a problem. I did not have to use an exorbitant amount to brush my teeth with, with raises the value of the toothpaste in my eyes. The texture of this toothpaste is a little surprising at first and it did take me awhile to get used to it. The taste of the toothpaste is tolerable, but not amazing, and it is not too strong, like some other toothpastes I have tried. The cost for this toothpaste is also tolerable. It is not too expensive, but it is worth the money I paid for it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a good all around toothpaste that does the job. The only reason I do not use it anymore is because I needed to find a good toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth.




I really like the toothpaste, but I don't like the tube. I've always used Crest toothpaste since I was a child, and I really like Crest Pro-health and I think it's good for my teeth. It tastes good. It's anti-tartar, good for the gums. But the tube is awful. I can't actually get the toothpaste out of the tube. Paste gums up in the lid and gets all goopy. I actually wrote Crest and told them I loved the pro-health but hated the tube enough that I might quit using it because it was so hard to access and deal with. They sent me a coupon for another tube, but it's still the bad tube with the bad lid. If they put it in a regular tube that could be squeezed to access the paste or gel and with a regular screw lid that didn't get all goopy, this would be a perfect toothpaste. It has everything else going for it except appropriate access. It protects against cavities, like all Crest products. It keeps my breath fresh. It protects against tarter and gingivitis. It whitens. I just wish it wasn't such a pain to use.


Bellevue, NE


Crest pro-health is always used in our house. I really enjoy the flavor and that it is recommended by dentists. it does not cost a whole lot either. My mom introduced this toothpaste to me a while back and I have used it on and off since then. Overall a great purchase and product.




This really was the one toothpaste that left my teeth feeling great and even the kids loved it. It is effective at cleaning and leaving your teeth actually feeling clean and fresh. There are several other toothpastes brands for sale that are pretty good but I found that none of them do as well as this Crest Pro Health toothpaste does.


Bulverde, TX



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